the skeeto bites

Having a big, delicious dinner with my family on my birthday was fantastic. Grilled chicken, steak, mashed potatoes with gravy, Asian-style rice noodles, and corn on the cob was awesome. We had white sponge cake with lemon frosting that Mare made for dessert. After that, we enjoyed Jamaican Blue Mountain, the best coffee ever that my bro got me as a gift.

The only thing that annoyed me were the mosquitoes that flew in from my dad leaving the door open to air the house out from all the cooking. I can’t remember the last time I was bit by a mosquito, but I know it had to have been almost a year ago. It had to be my birthday when I was bit by an annoying mosquito again.

Mosquitoes have to be one of the most annoying insects ever created. What gets me is that they’re flying insects that’ll keep biting you until you squish them. They’re not like ants that bite, because they can fly away when you try to swat at them. I also find it very annoying the buzzing sound they make next to your ear when they’re flying around. You hear that sound and then it stops and you know that damn thing has landed and is working on injecting you with its mouth. When you do squash a full one, you get unwanted blood on yourself. Who knows whose blood it is? They also carry disease which is a definite minus. Mosquitoes need to be extinct.


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