the triops

At Fry’s, I was just going to pick up a SATA cable for Mare’s hard drive. I had just gotten paid the previous Friday, so everything I wanted in that store was tempting. I ended up purchasing another 100-pack of DVD+R’s, a science kit and a universal remote along with the cable. All I needed was the cable.

Granted, every time I go to Fry’s, my favorite electronics store with all kinds of other goodies such as: office supplies, tools, appliances, a cafĂ© and an impulse aisle from Hell (the last is how I ended up with the remote), I always look at this Smithsonian Prehistoric Sea Monsters kit that always gave me the impression that it was like a Sea Monkeys kit which it kind of is. The prehistoric sea monsters are actually Triops a.k.a. tadpole shrimp. They’re fascinating.

I set up the aquarium a couple nights ago and should be expecting results tonight. They should be neat ’cause once a couple generations die off, the water just needs to be completely evaporated to keep them going. After adding water again, the eggs left in the sand will hatch and another generation will continue. How cool is that?!


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