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On Sunday, I finished building Mare’s new desktop computer, Xylene.

  • The case is an Antec Solo which has a beautiful finish called Piano Black.
  • The processor is a little old school but a decent Athlon XP 2800+ on an Abit mobo.
  • A fresh pair of 512MB sticks are loaded Dual Channel style to make a gig of memory running optimal.
  • A 250MB Serial ATA hard drive is partitioned into three pieces: the main drive, Mare’s drive and a network drive.
  • The optical drive is a Sony DVD writer that works great and came with a black faceplate to change out the default white one to match the case.
  • The monitor is a sweet 19-inch widescreen LCD flat panel to drool over.
  • Optical mouse, black keyboard, blue LEDs on the case with a silver bezel.

Xylene is awesome. I really enjoyed building it. I did have a bit of trouble getting the DVD writer in the case which Mare figured out. Other than that, everything went smooth and her machine is an elegant monster.


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