the glitch

This week has been very redundant.

I go to bed late.

I wake up late.

I have enough time after I wake up to lounge around, eat something and/or get ready for work.

I drive to work, which usually takes me less than ten minutes.

I’m already running a minute or two or three late, and I arrive to work.

I work my eight hours, and I usually cut it somewhere between two to five minutes after eleven.

I drive home from work.

I enjoy a late night meal.

I watch The Sopranos on DVD.

I stay up late wasting my time on the computer or if it’s too late, I lay in bed ’til I fall asleep.

I do the routine over again.

This is how it has been Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.

I’m wondering if today will be the same. I’d be surprised if it wasn’t.


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