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Life is a treat. Although I’ve pretty much wasted a good portion of this week with sleeeeeping, working, enjoying delicious meals, drinking good coffee and watching The Sopranos, I am very content. I received my paycheck with the overtime tacked on, so I’m delighted with the extra piece of change that’ll sit soundly in my bank account.

I’m loving The Sopranos. The writing is deluxe. Once we get past the three seasons K$ owns, we’ll be hitting up the rental store for the rest. We’ll also be collecting the other half of the sixth season c/o the Torrentz.

Tomorrow is Friday which means a Bustaburger nite exclusively for Mare & me. One of the discs from BBO was delayed over three days, so I let them know and they sent another one right away. We usually get three discs a week via snail mail, but the late one arrived while the replacement was on the way so we have a total of four discs. You know that means. Four discs equal four rentals at our friendly neighborhood video rental place.

It’s bill time again. The world of renters, electric consumers, internet users and big spenders have the privilege of watching their hard-earned dollars change hands.

The PK crew has the Corpus filming complete, so Tuesday night will be a PK late night dinner extravaganza. Chicken nuggets and mac&cheese equals happy tummies to energize happy eyes which will be reviewing the happy filming to be sent off to Joe next week.

My goal later is to wake up at a decent time so I can drop off the rent check, get my gate card, tell them about the ice maker and renew my vehicle registration.

Is he capable, ladies and gents? Will our hero defy the stronghold of slumber and complete his mission? Find out next time.

(or not… depends if I’m in a posting mood or not. Have a good weekend and don’t think too hard.)


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