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the telephone automaton

Yes, I haven’t gone to bed yet. I am taking care of a couple last things, then I will float away into the dreamworld followed by being violently woken by the chastise of reality and the Monday thru Friday.
I called the IRS to see what was up with my taxes, and as it turns out, […]

the taxpayer

After passing through the gates into my apartment complex, I routinely check the mail on my way home from work. I received a notice from Uncle Sam saying that I haven’t paid my taxes yet.
I filed back in February and set it up to where I would pay them in four installments. I made my […]

the aquarium

The Hex 5 was set up today. Mare & I added black gravel, a Roman column decoration, three live plants, two albino corys, two dalmatian mollies, and a rubber lip pleco. I transported our full-grown triop into the tank, too. I hope all the fish survive a few days, so we won’t have to go […]

the T-bone

The past few hours have been quite productive for me. I backed up a few discs for my archive. In a previous post, I mentioned the Pro Gold CD-Rs last up to 100 years. The package actually says 300 years. That means if the discs are kept in an optimal environment in excellent condition, then […]

the mess

I spent quite a while cleaning up my computer desktop. My hard drives are a total mess. My sense of organization is chaotic. I need to implement a better system, although I do realize that I go through waves of projects and endeavors that cause my sorting system to be full of disarray.
I’m currently installing […]

the catch-22

I consider myself a diligent worker. I have a hard time picking up other people’s slack to save my own ass when it saves theirs as well.
I’m pointing out those who take too long to get easy tasks complete ’cause they’re too busy daydreaming or not focusing. Either that or they’re that slow, and that’s […]

the second job & the legal ride

Watching The Sopranos is like having a part-time job late at night alongside the full-time job I already have. We completed the third disc tonight with one more to go before we get to Part 2. K$ had a good point. Why did they go with calling it Season 6 Part 2 instead of Season […]