the telephone automaton

Yes, I haven’t gone to bed yet. I am taking care of a couple last things, then I will float away into the dreamworld followed by being violently woken by the chastise of reality and the Monday thru Friday.

I called the IRS to see what was up with my taxes, and as it turns out, it was my fault. I had been making payments incorrectly. First off, I should have just paid them in full with the correct payment voucher so I wouldn’t be in this mess. Second, I learned that the estimated tax payment plan is for the following year, so I had to pay them in full regardless.

At a couple minutes after seven, I dialed their 800 number and ran around the maze of their automated system. I finally found the exit into the über long wait accompanied by classical music and the occasional intelligent-sounding computerized female voice reminding me that Uncle Sam’s phone slaves are busy assisting other “customers.”

After what must have been at least fifteen minutes, probably closer to twenty, I was patched through to a “Mrs. Miller” as she identified herself and gave me a six-digit ID number of her own. I wasn’t ready to jot that number down nor did I feel the relevance of knowing the number was going to do me any good in the future. I think the number was simply telling me that the lady was a legitimate representative giving me the comfort of knowing. I’m sure they also give identify themselves in that manner for those angry mongrels that have the habit of escalating phone conversations to “Let me talk to your manager!”

Anyway, she spoke with the kind, comforting voice of an old lady. She did an excellent job of letting me know that I messed up and fixed everything up to send me on my way.

With all that said, everything is really okay this time ‘cept the fact that I am in debt to sleep and shouldn’t be telling you all this and snoozing instead. Peace out, homies.

the taxpayer

After passing through the gates into my apartment complex, I routinely check the mail on my way home from work. I received a notice from Uncle Sam saying that I haven’t paid my taxes yet.

I filed back in February and set it up to where I would pay them in four installments. I made my first payment that same month and also paid them in April. I have two payments left which are scheduled later in the year, and I will pay them early. I don’t understand why I was sent the notice or why the notice says I haven’t paid them anything.

The notice is possibly automated, but I don’t want to take my chances and have to pay the penalties and interest compiling ’cause I supposedly haven’t paid any taxes and I’m past due. I have to now suffer the headache of calling them up to explain my case and reason with them to see why they have fucked up on their end.

I have the money and have been paying the money. I knew it was theirs from the get-go, and I’ll give it to them as scheduled. They sent me a bullshit notice that stressed me out especially at this time of the month when rent and bills are due.

I’m sure everything’s just fine. I just don’t like getting pieces of mail like notices from money-grubbin’ Uncle Sam when he knows I’m not trying to swindle him.

the aquarium

The Hex 5 was set up today. Mare & I added black gravel, a Roman column decoration, three live plants, two albino corys, two dalmatian mollies, and a rubber lip pleco. I transported our full-grown triop into the tank, too. I hope all the fish survive a few days, so we won’t have to go back to the pet store. I wanted an oscar or two, but the tank was not going to be large enough. We also looked at kissing gouramis, but the guy helping us said they’d be too aggressive in our small tank.

The mollies seem to not like each other, but we’ll have to see how that plays out. The corys are peaceful and energetic. The pleco keeps to itself. The triop is constantly scavenging. I caught it munching on one of the mollies’ tails, but it shouldn’t cause problems in the long run.

the T-bone

The past few hours have been quite productive for me. I backed up a few discs for my archive. In a previous post, I mentioned the Pro Gold CD-Rs last up to 100 years. The package actually says 300 years. That means if the discs are kept in an optimal environment in excellent condition, then they won’t deteriorate until the year 2307. That sounds so space age.

I got a bunch of ISOs that have been waiting for a while finally written on DVD+Rs. I finally put my bulletin board up. I am currently watching Artificial Intelligence: AI. I enjoy futurism very much.

Yesterday, I ran errands from 6pm-11pm. Mare & I started off the night spending my work “bonus” I received a month ago. We decided to go to Outback Steakhouse to take full advantage of the allowance. We started off with a Bloomin’ Onion. She ordered the Sirloin with a salad and a sweet potato. I ordered the T-bone with a dressed baked potato and the soup. We finished our meal off with a rich slice of cheesecake. Dinner was delicious. I didn’t eat anything that day apart from a small snack of potato chips. I didn’t have to eat anything else for the rest of the evening, since the meal filled me up to the brim.

We stopped by the bank after dinner ’cause Mare had to make a deposit. We went to Whole Foods after to pick up fresh mint leaves for some late night mojitos. We went to Fry’s afterwards where I picked up the gold CD-Rs and a stereo extension cable. Then, we went by Wally World ’cause I wanted to pick up the AquaTech Hex 5. They were sold out, so we decided to go to our next destination. We went to the grocery store and pick up the week’s food. We went by the apartment to unload the groceries and merchandise, then went back on the road to a different Wally World in hopes of finding the aquarium. They had a couple at that location, so we picked one up along with a few other things we decided on like a parsons table and a paper towel dispenser.

I still need to get some gravel and décor for the aquarium, condition the water, then I can get some sea creatures for it. I think I’m gonna get a pleco, two albino corys, an oscar or two, maybe a snail, and maybe an albino frog. I hope the pet store is open tomorrow ’cause I’d like to go.

the mess

I spent quite a while cleaning up my computer desktop. My hard drives are a total mess. My sense of organization is chaotic. I need to implement a better system, although I do realize that I go through waves of projects and endeavors that cause my sorting system to be full of disarray.

I’m currently installing a new photo album system on this blog to make it a bit fancier. I’ll slowly be making changes to improve functionality.

After repairing Rhino’s machine the other day, I realized that I should get a box of those archival CD-Rs to protect the data I treasure the most. Those CD-Rs, which are also available in a DVD+R format that I’ll probably also invest in, have extra layers including one made of gold and are supposed to last something like a hundred years. Granted, my remaining years as a human will probably not be that many, but the future generations will be able to access data I put on those discs now in the distant future.

So expect the photo album on this site to be completely updated before the weekend’s over. For real this time. Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

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the catch-22

I consider myself a diligent worker. I have a hard time picking up other people’s slack to save my own ass when it saves theirs as well.

I’m pointing out those who take too long to get easy tasks complete ’cause they’re too busy daydreaming or not focusing. Either that or they’re that slow, and that’s a quality that shouldn’t be rewarded.

The individual statistics go into full effect soon, and the actual truths will be revealed. Those with the powers to promote, reprimand and terminate will see who’s really pulling their weight.

Before dinner tonight, I opened the floodgates to Mare and Kent. The picture is clear, but the ones with authority don’t see it as clearly as they should. I don’t want to be that guy, so I’m just going to let actions speak for themselves.

I had the temptation of letting my thoughts slip to the boss’s boss when I train for something tomorrow, but we’ll just have to see how I’m feeling when the moment arrives. I’m predicting that I’ll hint enough if given the opportunity but won’t be completely direct about it. Don’t hate me. I feel everyone should finish what they’re assigned in a decent amount of time, and watching slowpokes be slowpokes and slackers be slackers is really wearing on me. You can go jerk off or whatever you feel like doing on your time, but if you need to pay the bills and eat, then you need to earn your meal ticket rightfully.

(.tfel ruoy ot dne eht no eno eht dna thgir
ym ot yug eht tuoba s’eno siht, C&W)

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the second job & the legal ride

Watching The Sopranos is like having a part-time job late at night alongside the full-time job I already have. We completed the third disc tonight with one more to go before we get to Part 2. K$ had a good point. Why did they go with calling it Season 6 Part 2 instead of Season 7? They didn’t have “parts” for the previous five, right?

Today is technically Friday. Today is payday. Today is the last day of the work week before the Memorial Day weekend. I hope the weather clears up and the humidity subsides.

I have a bulletin board waiting to be hung up and a sign I had custom-made waiting to be lacquered and hung up. Life is good apart from the usual monotony.

My car is finally legal. On Tuesday, Mare & I went by Nelda’s to renew my registration and have her car’s title changed over to her name. I had to be at work by 3, so Mare took care of getting my car inspected. The sticker expired April of last year, so I’ve been driving illegally for some time.

I took my car for inspection back in October to some shady place (Shell on southbound 183 before the Braker light. Yeah, I’m calling you douchebags out!), and they wouldn’t pass the car yet we have big ol’ gas-guzzling SUVs and shit-kicker trucks rolling all over this state hurting the ozone layer much worse than my sedan. I took my car the first time, and it failed. The second time they fed me bullshit about their machine being down. The third time I went in, the person helping me was getting everything ready and some ¢unt that was behind the counter was telling him the machine was still down when it supposedly wasn’t. They “inspected” my car, and I was fed the same shit. I haven’t had any problems with my car for the 2+ years I’ve had it, and the check engine light is not on. I knew they just wanted to keep the inspection fee rather than have to pay it when they passed my car.

Anyway, I finally had the chance to take my vehicle to Carmichael which I should have done in the first place.

I still get that paranoia with the cops and my stickers being out, but the car’s legal again so the feeling will go away soon.

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