the mayfly or the curse of threes

The week’s routine is over, and the weekend has arrived. Mare & I received our two freebie rental coupons for the month and scored five rentals last night to start off our Bustaburger night. Mare has to house-sit for her parents over the weekend, so we visited the Whataburger near her parents’ house.

Today, we bought groceries before she had to go to work. Afterwards, I put the groceries away, vacuumed the apartment, cleaned off the tables and counters, changed the Betta Babies’ water and topped off the plants. It’s Cinco de Mayo today, and I’m just sitting back and relaxing watching the television premiere of Meet the Fockers (ehh is right). I got some new coffee beans, the store brand Taste of Austin variety. I forgot that it was pecan-flavored and weak. I’ll be fine with it.

On Thursday, I cashed in some PTO to relax before the midnight premiere of Spider-Man 3. I went by a nearby used bookstore chain to find a few books I’m wanting. They didn’t have any of them nor did they maintain a database of what’s in store. I thought this was 2007. You would think it’d benefit both the business and the customer to maintain a database to know if they have a book or which of their many stores have it. Maybe it’s too much work but I think it’d be more efficient.

We had Saccone’s before we left to the theater, and it was delicious. Mare & I had ours with pork and mushrooms, and K$’s had pepperoni and garlic. Yum.

I’ve noticed that the third movie in comic book superhero movie series is not so great (e.g. X3 and Batman Forever). I enjoyed Spider-Man 3, but it wasn’t as good as the first two. Raimi incorporated too much of his Evil Dead-style, and it had some really cheesy parts in it along with a bucket full of one-liners. I know a big budget and a lot of work was put into it, so I’ll say that it was a fun movie that was a good watch in the theater.

The previews before the movie were for the new Pirates of the Caribbean, the new Harry Potter, the new Rush Hour, and a film called Across the Universe. I think I’m gonna really enjoy the latter. I also saw the preview before Factory Girl. The other three will be fun movies, too.

Depending on the species, the adult mayfly lives only a few hours to a few days. I’m not sure what I’m gonna be up to tomorrow, but it should be a relaxing one. ‘Til next update.


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