the groceries

Lists have a certain rhythm to them. After reviewing the receipt for groceries I purchased over the weekend, I felt inspired. Think the Choose Life speech at the end of Trainspotting or even the part when Renton locks himself in a room preparing to relinquish junk.


26 Items Purchased 05-05-07 5:07pm. Nine ounces of spinach, one half-gallon French Silk light ice cream, one half-gallon 2% milk, low sodium V-8, strawberry yogurt 4-pack, one small lime, one package turkey ham, one bag beef jerky, one bag kettle-cooked potato chips dill-flavored, one loaf walnut multi-grain wheat bread, one bag whole coffee beans “Taste of Austin” (blah), one small package hard salami, one package yogurt cranberries, one double package sliced provolone, one large Symphony almond toffee chocolate bar, one pound penne, one cheese coffeecake, one can chicken breast chunks, three two-liter bottles light lemonade, one box dishwasher detergent, one bottle sparkling Italian water, one extra heavy duty scrubber, one bottle orange all-purpose cleaner, six yellow bananas.


Try it next time you get a long receipt from the grocery store.


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