the greatest mother in the universe

On Mother’s Day, I told my mother that I did not want to be a nurse anymore. She was fine with it and did not seem angry at all. I was a bit surprised. She was more disappointed that I didn’t tell them when my father was about to go back to work overseas, but I told her my logic was that I did not want him to leave on a bad note with me. Instead of dwelling on the facts, the waters have become still again, and I feel more at peace than ever.


I always have to have a good Pen when I write. I use a fountain pen to write checks, a felt-tip permanent marker to label discs I burn, and a ball point for everything else. I don’t like pens that don’t write consistently or get clogged. I also don’t like pens that don’t want to start, so I have to scribble to make it start.

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