the apathetic

Today is Friday. Tonight is Bustaburger night. Tomorrow is Saturday followed by Sunday. I will be relaxing, and everything will be grand.

I have no plans set in stone, but I would like to arrange my room really good and hang up my cork board. My days have been on repeat lately, but I don’t mind. I have a good amount of work waiting to be done with keystrokes & mouse clicks, but I’m slowly completing them one at a time.

The clock’s telling me it’s a quarter ’til seven so ’til next time. Slacker is on repeat, but this time around Linklater’s commentary is on. That movie’s a great sleepytime movie.


Moving into a new house is the perfect time to purchase new home furniture. The empty shelter is waiting to be filled with chairs, couches, a dining table, a coffee table, an entertainment center and so much more. The office will need a desk. Don’t forget the bedrooms. Those will need some furnishing, too. Every bedroom in the house will need a bed!

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