the price of fuel

I’ve been wanting to write this post for days now but haven’t had the opportunity to assemble it until now.

Gasoline makes our cars go and our wallets thin. The price of oil has escalated quite a bit this past month. Let’s analyze this headache.

On April 12th, I purchased 13.115 gallons at $2.659 a gallon.

Before my next fill-up, I drove 275.4 miles.

On May 10th, I purchased 12.829 gallons at $2.799 a gallon. I paid fourteen cents more for the same damn thing.

This might be a confusing for some of you, but bear with me.

I drove 275.4 miles before I put the gallons in on May 10th, therefore, my vehicle averaged 21.467 miles per gallon. I drove almost all city miles, so I wasn’t getting highway mileage which is closer to 25mpg.

Each mile I drove in my car cost me 13 cents each. To go a couple miles would cost me over a quarter. At 13 cents a mile, if a gas station three miles away was selling their fuel a penny cheaper, I’d be spending three times the savings to save those pennies and get to that station than actually saving them. How crazy is that? Even at two cents less, I’d still be at a loss. Back when gas was in the buck and a half range, someone could actually save some change.

You’re spending over a dime for every mile you drive. Inflation has gone apeshit. This is common for the summer, I know. Since I last tanked up only a week ago, the price has jumped another dime per gallon. That’s painful.

We need to conserve a bit. My tip for the masses is to run all your errands all together in an orderly fashion rather than going from one end of town to the other or to base for a bit then to the next errand or two. When you’re out taking care of things on the weekends or whenever, do them based on the distances you’ll be traveling. Save the grocery-shopping for last ’cause you don’t want the ice cream to melt like that already-spent cash in your bank account.


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