the overnight inflation

Yesterday, gasoline was an aching $2.89 a gallon. Last night, gasoline shot up to over $3 a gallon all over the place. The oil companies are going to be raking in some mad profits this quarter, and the working class is coughing up the dough to make seal the deal.

Only with great difficulty can we do anything about it. We’re not only paying for the fuel to power our vehicles so we can travel. We’re also paying for the convenience to travel when we want and where we want. We’re paying to express our freedom to go where we feel like going to do what we feel like doing. These are some privileges the average vehicle-operating American loves to have, and the only way to overcome the burden of having to be raped at the pump is to drive a lot less and stay in more. Most of them do not want to make those changes or are unable.

You know gas is only getting more and more expensive these next few months. I can already see those $4 coming around if not this summer then next. Then those snakes will turn around to hike up the price of gas for homes when the autumn and winter months return which will keep them that much richer and the rest of us that much poorer.


The cold months of winter have passed, and the season has finally arrived for anyone to sit around on the weekends by their nearest body of water to spend time with nature. The options available are: fishing, boating, scuba-diving, water-skiing or just some good old-fashioned swimming. If the shore is full of sand, then sand castles with moats can be built.

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