the catch-22

I consider myself a diligent worker. I have a hard time picking up other people’s slack to save my own ass when it saves theirs as well.

I’m pointing out those who take too long to get easy tasks complete ’cause they’re too busy daydreaming or not focusing. Either that or they’re that slow, and that’s a quality that shouldn’t be rewarded.

The individual statistics go into full effect soon, and the actual truths will be revealed. Those with the powers to promote, reprimand and terminate will see who’s really pulling their weight.

Before dinner tonight, I opened the floodgates to Mare and Kent. The picture is clear, but the ones with authority don’t see it as clearly as they should. I don’t want to be that guy, so I’m just going to let actions speak for themselves.

I had the temptation of letting my thoughts slip to the boss’s boss when I train for something tomorrow, but we’ll just have to see how I’m feeling when the moment arrives. I’m predicting that I’ll hint enough if given the opportunity but won’t be completely direct about it. Don’t hate me. I feel everyone should finish what they’re assigned in a decent amount of time, and watching slowpokes be slowpokes and slackers be slackers is really wearing on me. You can go jerk off or whatever you feel like doing on your time, but if you need to pay the bills and eat, then you need to earn your meal ticket rightfully.

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ym ot yug eht tuoba s’eno siht, C&W)


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