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We’re in Season 6 Part 1 of the Sopranos right now. We will be caught up by the time the series ends.

We have decided that we are going to the Crown this upcoming Monday.

This weekend is a three-day weekend for me, so I will try to get as much done of what’s been on hold for quite a while now.

May is almost over.

Fly Ry picked up his machine that needed some operating system repair a couple days ago. I get a good feeling when I am able to repair a computer without having to replace hardware. This is what had to be done: I ran the XP install CD which wouldn’t allow me to run a repair install without formatting. I had to get around that ’cause all of the hard drive’s contents would be erased otherwise. I ran the XP Recovery Console, ran the chkdsk utility which let me know that something was wrong with the file system. I then ran fixmbr utility which quickly repair the file system. I ran the install CD again, and it allowed me to run the repair install, and the operating system worked properly again.

I will be posting more later tonight about other stuff so check back soon.


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