the mess

I spent quite a while cleaning up my computer desktop. My hard drives are a total mess. My sense of organization is chaotic. I need to implement a better system, although I do realize that I go through waves of projects and endeavors that cause my sorting system to be full of disarray.

I’m currently installing a new photo album system on this blog to make it a bit fancier. I’ll slowly be making changes to improve functionality.

After repairing Rhino’s machine the other day, I realized that I should get a box of those archival CD-Rs to protect the data I treasure the most. Those CD-Rs, which are also available in a DVD+R format that I’ll probably also invest in, have extra layers including one made of gold and are supposed to last something like a hundred years. Granted, my remaining years as a human will probably not be that many, but the future generations will be able to access data I put on those discs now in the distant future.

So expect the photo album on this site to be completely updated before the weekend’s over. For real this time. Have a great Memorial Day weekend.


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