the T-bone

The past few hours have been quite productive for me. I backed up a few discs for my archive. In a previous post, I mentioned the Pro Gold CD-Rs last up to 100 years. The package actually says 300 years. That means if the discs are kept in an optimal environment in excellent condition, then they won’t deteriorate until the year 2307. That sounds so space age.

I got a bunch of ISOs that have been waiting for a while finally written on DVD+Rs. I finally put my bulletin board up. I am currently watching Artificial Intelligence: AI. I enjoy futurism very much.

Yesterday, I ran errands from 6pm-11pm. Mare & I started off the night spending my work “bonus” I received a month ago. We decided to go to Outback Steakhouse to take full advantage of the allowance. We started off with a Bloomin’ Onion. She ordered the Sirloin with a salad and a sweet potato. I ordered the T-bone with a dressed baked potato and the soup. We finished our meal off with a rich slice of cheesecake. Dinner was delicious. I didn’t eat anything that day apart from a small snack of potato chips. I didn’t have to eat anything else for the rest of the evening, since the meal filled me up to the brim.

We stopped by the bank after dinner ’cause Mare had to make a deposit. We went to Whole Foods after to pick up fresh mint leaves for some late night mojitos. We went to Fry’s afterwards where I picked up the gold CD-Rs and a stereo extension cable. Then, we went by Wally World ’cause I wanted to pick up the AquaTech Hex 5. They were sold out, so we decided to go to our next destination. We went to the grocery store and pick up the week’s food. We went by the apartment to unload the groceries and merchandise, then went back on the road to a different Wally World in hopes of finding the aquarium. They had a couple at that location, so we picked one up along with a few other things we decided on like a parsons table and a paper towel dispenser.

I still need to get some gravel and d├ęcor for the aquarium, condition the water, then I can get some sea creatures for it. I think I’m gonna get a pleco, two albino corys, an oscar or two, maybe a snail, and maybe an albino frog. I hope the pet store is open tomorrow ’cause I’d like to go.

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