the taxpayer

After passing through the gates into my apartment complex, I routinely check the mail on my way home from work. I received a notice from Uncle Sam saying that I haven’t paid my taxes yet.

I filed back in February and set it up to where I would pay them in four installments. I made my first payment that same month and also paid them in April. I have two payments left which are scheduled later in the year, and I will pay them early. I don’t understand why I was sent the notice or why the notice says I haven’t paid them anything.

The notice is possibly automated, but I don’t want to take my chances and have to pay the penalties and interest compiling ’cause I supposedly haven’t paid any taxes and I’m past due. I have to now suffer the headache of calling them up to explain my case and reason with them to see why they have fucked up on their end.

I have the money and have been paying the money. I knew it was theirs from the get-go, and I’ll give it to them as scheduled. They sent me a bullshit notice that stressed me out especially at this time of the month when rent and bills are due.

I’m sure everything’s just fine. I just don’t like getting pieces of mail like notices from money-grubbin’ Uncle Sam when he knows I’m not trying to swindle him.

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