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the break

Sig and I broke our usual routine last night to attend PK’s birthday gathering at Trudy’s Northstar. We indulged ourselves in fried Tex-Mex deliciousness, a break from Whataburger. Sig had a Cuban Martini, which is a whole shaker’s worth of Mojito. I consumed a half-gallon of water.
I’ve been assigned to train someone […]

the crown tail

I spent this past Sunday searching the North Austin big box pet stores hunting down a new fish as well as a wall-hanging betta bowl. I arrived at home minus a wall-hanging bowl and plus one crown tail betta fish. I picked up a generic plastic contained for him, too, which is now filled […]

the second work unit

[20:12:37] + Attempting to send results
[20:23:33] + Results successfully sent
[20:23:33] Thank you for your contribution to [email protected]
[20:23:33] + Number of Units Completed: 2
Diode, my upgraded machine running on a Brisbane, completed its second work unit about twelve hours ago. 1,760 more points have been earned this week.
Computing technology just keeps getting exponentially bigger and faster.

the robots in disguise

Tonight before we watched Blue Velvet, we pre-ordered our tickets to the Transformers premiere. I’ve been looking forward to this Michael Bay film, because: a) A Bay film means big budget which means explosions and action that lead to a pleasant theater experience. (imho) & b) The nostalgia, of course!
The release date was set for […]

the bruxist

This week seemed to have gone fast and slow at the same time. The days have gone by fast as a whole, but each day went by slow.
Today is Friday, my third most favorite day of the week. Later tonite, Mare & I will enjoy our Bustaburger tradition. I tried the BBQ Ranch Chicken Sandwich […]

the points

Some of you may have noticed that I participate in a Stanford University project called [email protected] I donate my unused CPU power for this cause which help innovate treatments and cures to diseases related to proteins. I believe in its cause and have been involved with [email protected] for years.
Recently, I upgraded one of my systems […]

the pizza experience

On Saturday, Mare & I decided to order pizza. I decided on Papa John’s since they provide a convenient online ordering method.
They also send me a bunch of coupons via email. Some may consider it junk, but I received an enticing one that went something like this: Order a Specialty Pizza and receive a Large […]