the break

Sig and I broke our usual routine last night to attend PK’s birthday gathering at Trudy’s Northstar. We indulged ourselves in fried Tex-Mex deliciousness, a break from Whataburger. Sig had a Cuban Martini, which is a whole shaker’s worth of Mojito. I consumed a half-gallon of water.

I’ve been assigned to train someone this past week as a cashier at my job. This has made my week inadvertently difficult because whenever I go to work I have to try to complete my tasks as well as explain my actions in a timely fashion. The problem is that she is not the most friendly person to be around and seems to have a problem with all of my co-workers, especially the ones I am closest with.

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the crown tail

I spent this past Sunday searching the North Austin big box pet stores hunting down a new fish as well as a wall-hanging betta bowl. I arrived at home minus a wall-hanging bowl and plus one crown tail betta fish. I picked up a generic plastic contained for him, too, which is now filled with decorative white glass pieces. “A Betta named Sue” is now thriving; however, I have yet to get him on a regular eating schedule.

Sig also purchased a golden dojo loach for his freshwater fish tank. It resembles an eel in its movement and looks long and slender. Domesticated loaches are particularly know for erratic behavior when the barometric pressure drops, and this fish is no exception.

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the second work unit

[20:12:37] + Attempting to send results
[20:23:33] + Results successfully sent
[20:23:33] Thank you for your contribution to [email protected]
[20:23:33] + Number of Units Completed: 2

Diode, my upgraded machine running on a Brisbane, completed its second work unit about twelve hours ago. 1,760 more points have been earned this week.

Computing technology just keeps getting exponentially bigger and faster.

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the robots in disguise

Tonight before we watched Blue Velvet, we pre-ordered our tickets to the Transformers premiere. I’ve been looking forward to this Michael Bay film, because: a) A Bay film means big budget which means explosions and action that lead to a pleasant theater experience. (imho) & b) The nostalgia, of course!

The release date was set for 7-4-7 (fitting), but the Dang-O offered tickets this upcoming Monday at 8pm & 11:15pm. Awesome! So after work on Monday, I will be darting straight to the movie theatre.

The way we have it planned is that K$ and Mare will pick up the tickets, drop mine off to my car, and they’ll return to the theatre to wait in line to score back row seats. Then, I get out of work, get to the movies, and have a seat waiting for me with two of my closest friends to enjoy a movie I will enjoy regardless…

…which brings me to a point: I really don’t care what the critics or the judgmental pricks are gonna say about this movie. It may come off subpar or it may even rock my socks off. I will enjoy it regardless and watch it more than once and take it for what it is. It’s a Bay film, people. This guy knows how to make a big-budget movie. All I have to say is the people worthy of giving a multi-million-dollar movie bad criticism are those who have made multi-million-dollar movies. And how will they criticize if they do? Not with feeble-minded lines like “It sucked.” or “I hated it.” Let’s be real here, people. Most of you have no cred to be a real critic… you’re only criticizing based on your tastes, not from your personal experiences in film-making.

Peace out.

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the bruxist

This week seemed to have gone fast and slow at the same time. The days have gone by fast as a whole, but each day went by slow.

Today is Friday, my third most favorite day of the week. Later tonite, Mare & I will enjoy our Bustaburger tradition. I tried the BBQ Ranch Chicken Sandwich last week and was not impressed. The Peppercorn Ranch Chicken Sandwich trumps the BBQ Ranch, and the Thick & Hearty trumps them both.

Speaking of temporary menu items, when’s the Bell gonna bring back the Club Chalupa? I really miss it.

My weekend is currently unplanned. I will relax for sure, clean the apartment for sure, get plenty of sleep (as usual) and waste plenty of time on the computer for sure. For sure.

This week has been odd, because I didn’t get a full eight hours of Zzz’s the first few days. Strangely enough, I didn’t wake up tired or felt tired through those days.

My throat has been bothering me all week though. It feels like it’s sore but it’s not and itches a bit, and I have to cough occasionally which has gotten annoying. It seems like a symptom before illness sets in, but I haven’t gotten sick yet. *knocks on wood*

Closing off this ramble before it gets extra boring. Peace out.

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the points

Some of you may have noticed that I participate in a Stanford University project called [email protected]. I donate my unused CPU power for this cause which help innovate treatments and cures to diseases related to proteins. I believe in its cause and have been involved with [email protected] for years.

Recently, I upgraded one of my systems with an Athlon X2 3600+ processor that I managed to overclock a little over the speed equivalent to that of the Athlon X2 5200+. I was hoping to hit the 3GHz mark, but the system would not stable out.

Anyway, this rebuilt machine recently finished its first work unit. The [email protected] project sends out work units that can take anywhere from hours to days. The program its running is a beta test that utilizes it’s multi-core architecture. For those less tech-savvy, an Athlon X2 is a dual-core processor which means it has two cores on one processor versus one core like on an Athlon XP, Athlon 64 or even a Pentium 4.

The work unit took about two days to complete. With the two machines I had folding for the past few months, I was averaging around 1800 points a week. This is the fun part of donating CPU power to this project. Work units are worth points with some worth more than others. The work units are distributed based on what projects are being worked on at the time of the assignment. Donators join teams, and everyone competes with each other by finishing work units and earning points for their teams.

Back to the 1800 points: This was about how many points I was averaging on two machines with Athlon XP processors running at 2.08GHz each. The glory with this new machine is that it completed its first unit in a mere two days earned me about 1700 points with an overclocked Athlon X2 3600+ running at 2.755GHz. On top of that, it runs on 65 watts versus the ~68 watts each it takes the two machines to earn me the same amount of points in a week.

I enjoy the fact that leaving my computer on when I’m not using it is still doing something for a cause. Recently, the [email protected] project finished a version of the folding program that can be run on the Playstation 3. PS3s use the Cell processor which is ultra-fast.

The day will arrive when all these community projects bring light to advances that will benefit humankind, be known by everyone and made household words. I will know when that time comes that all the work put into it was for a greater purpose.

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the pizza experience

On Saturday, Mare & I decided to order pizza. I decided on Papa John’s since they provide a convenient online ordering method.

They also send me a bunch of coupons via email. Some may consider it junk, but I received an enticing one that went something like this: Order a Specialty Pizza and receive a Large One Topping Pizza for 99¢. Awesome!

My guess is that they’re still trying to shaft you ’cause specialty pizzas are pricey but NO! They’re currently promoting their Smokehouse Bacon & Ham specialty pizza which has ham, bacon, green peppers and onions. This is running for $11.99 as opposed to their usual large specialty pie price of $16.49. I was thinking that I could go for that but change the toppings to suit my tastes as well as getting the second pizza at the discounted price.

I went for it. I entered the promotion code, 62207B, and went thru the screens to place my order. Their discounted specialty pizza was on the list, so I selected it with a smile on my face.

I took off the veggies which gave me the option of changing up two of the toppings. I substituted them for half-pepperoni, half-sausage and mushrooms all over. Delicious! This is nothing like their promo pie, but they allow customizing which I take full advantage of. The 99¢ pie was a half-tomato, half-mushroom pizza by Mare’s request.

Price before tax, tip & delivery charge: $12.98. This beats any deal they’re offering right now. After everything, it ended up costing $18, but for two pies under $20 delivered is a great deal in my opinion.

I got a kick out of one of the box labels that displays our order on the box. The name should have been ‘Christopher,’ but I guess the printer could only print so much. The line read “Your pizza experience managed by Christ”. Thanks JC for the tasty pies over the weekend.

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