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I stayed up extra late this morning. I think I finally fell asleep around 8:30 or so. I was shopping for my future upgrade. My Thunderbird is just getting too outdated. I have my eyes on a Brisbane which is manufactured on the 65nm process and doesn’t use much energy which is ideal for the overclocker.

Mare pulled a double today, but I met her at the restaurant during her break for a late pasta lunch. I went to the pet store to pick up the pleco food and also got a fluorescent bulb for the aquarium plants. I went back to the apartment to resume the rip-n-burn, varnish the sign and lounge watching Two of Us, a fictional account of Paul visiting John at his NY apartment in ’76.

On my way to the pet store, I thought about how content I was with my current state of existence even though my future is still undecided. I’m playing that one-day-at-a-time card.

I thought I’d have to mow my parents’ lawn when the sun fell, but their lawn keeper that takes care of it every few weeks is going to do it in a few days. No sweat, sticky cut grass and green footwear for me.

Today has been a relaxing day to unwind and spend mostly unseen from the public eye. I have no complaints ‘cept for this one: When someone tells someone else to “hold on a second,” are they aware of what they’re saying?

The saying is a bit condescending.

Try “hold a moment” or “wait one minute” and stick to that time limit.

Time is money, and money makes the world go round.
Money talks and money kills.
Money is greed and money is divorce.
Money is happiness and money is poison.

Enough of that.
Don’t be a critic, until you’ve been criticized or have something to show.



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