the short week

Since I was off on Memorial Day, the work week was decreased by one. Still, it seemed like a full week. The days seem to have went by extra slow.

Friday finally arrived, the first of June. The first of every month marks the day most people, including myself, drop off their rent checks at leasing offices.

The weekend is finally here, one day shorter than the last. Hopefully the weather will be less wet. I have yet to mow my parents’ lawn. I have yet to lacquer the wooden sign I had custom-made. The days have been hot and humid. The A/C is working overtime, and the electric bill is beating last month’s. The price of gas is still high and will be for months.

I plan to stop by the pet store later today. The rubber lip pleco seems hungry ’cause the tank is too clean. The aquarium needs a different bulb to keep the plants healthy.

The triop finally kicked the bucket on Thursday night. It lived longer than I thought it would, and I guess it didn’t like the idea of sharing space with a handful of fish. I will have more when I’m ready to hatch some. I still have half of a packet of triop eggs, and I’m letting the sand dry out of the container I kept the triop in most of the time. I hope it laid some eggs. They’re hermaphrodites, so they can both fertilize and lay eggs. After the sand dries out, fresh water can be put back in the container a month later to hatch them. Hatching the eggs is like bringing them out of a state of suspended animation.

Enough rambling from me… bedtime. Peace out.


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