the coincidence

I never finished viewing I Shot Andy Warhol when I first got it but watched the rest of it today. Coincidentally, she shot Andy on 39 years ago on this date.

The movie is a fun watch. Valerie is played by Lili Taylor, who is also in High Fidelity and Factotum. Jared Harris, who also played John Lennon in Two of Us and had a minor role in Igby Goes Down, plays Warhol. Stephen Dorff plays Candy Darling and was also in Blade and Cecil B. Demented. Michael Imperioli, who stars on The Sopranos and was also in Goodfellas and The Basketball Diaries, plays Ondine.

The Factory scene is fascinating. Most of the people involved in that scene are no longer living. I enjoy the thought of a scene made of self-proclaimers making easy art and getting recognition. This is how it should be, but we now live in a time of oversaturation.


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