the outage and the receipt

A couple nights ago, the thunder rocked hard and the power in the apartment went out. This summer has been slightly different with all of the rain that’s been falling. The electric came back on about five hours later.

While the candles burned, I learned how to play Hearts. We also went to a drive-thru and had some buffalo chicken sandwiches then went by Wally World to kill some time.

I purchased some aquarium plant growth bulbs for a tenth of the price of the fluorescent bulb I bought a few days before. I tried one of the bulbs and tried to hunt down the receipt for the fluorescent bulb to return if the less expensive bulbs worked out. I couldn’t find the receipt which is strange for me ’cause I’m a packrat with my receipts. I eventually gave up the search.

The next day, I felt dissatisfied with the cheaper bulbs and decided to keep the more expensive bulb ’cause its luminescence is much better. I’d say it makes up for the price. I won’t bother returning the other bulbs, since they didn’t cost much at all.

You can kind of tell that not too much is going on. I am doing well and enjoying the easy life for what it’s worth. We had Asian-style chicken cooked in a wok with brown rice. Yum. I’m posting a short one after this then I’m off to bed.

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