the nail-clipping ghost

When I’m home alone and on the computer in my room, I hear the sound of nails being clipped in the living room. I’ve heard the sound a few times already, and I only hear it when the apartment is mostly quiet and no one else is around. I’ll hear the initial sound of a nail being clipped (a very distinct sound), then hear it again a couple minutes later. I’m convinced it’s a ghost.

Mare heard the same sound on Monday, and I told her that I’ve heard the same thing. I have no idea what it could be. Kent suggested that it could be one of the bettas moving stones around in its bowl, but the sound is very different from the sound normally heard when a betta shifts stones in its bowl.

I also notice that the nail-clipping sound disappears when I hear it again and try to pay attention through the walls for that distinct *tik*. Eeeeerie.

Author: Sig

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