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the last of the nine

The torrents scored us the previous four episodes before the big Sopranos finale airing this Sunday. Michael & Kim hooked us up with the first four (thanks guys!).

We’re all caught up and will be patiently waiting to see the final episode. We will most likely be visiting K$’s parents’ house to utilize their HBO for that last hour.

Over three days worth of TV drama-watching have been spent once the last one airs. The show consists of 86 episodes. Most of them are an hour long with the exception of the few that clock in around forty-five minutes.

To watch from the beginning to the end will cost you more than a few days of your life granted you don’t (and most likely can’t) watch them straight through. You’ll save a good amount of time if you fast-forward through the intro, unless you like hearing the theme song over and over…*sings* “got yo’self a gun! got yo’self a gun!” *electronic sounds followed by record scratch* Good stuff.

I’m not going to make any predictions about the final episode here. Whatever happens happens.


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