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Before work today, I noticed that the new Smashing Pumpkins single, Tarantula, had been sitting in my ‘neo downlodes’  folder unlistened. I hadn’t been in a hurry to listen to it, but I had to once I knew I had the song in its entirety.

I had heard a short clip of it when it first came out, but I needed more. Upon listening to it, I noticed that the Pumpkins were tracing back to their roots. The song reminded more of Geek USA off of Siamese Dream than anything. I think it’s a good thing.

I know many rock listeners will be skeptical or close-minded about their new record, Zeitgeist, scheduled for release in July. All I have to say about those who have their doubts is that the true fans will support them, and they will succeed. Even if the album is a flop like Adore, it will still outsell every shitty little unsigned band’s crappy records. They’ve already sold out venues and will continue with their much-awaited comeback.

Smashing Pumpkins have been one of my all-time favorite bands for well over a decade, and I continued to support them even after their break-up. I am happy that Corgan and Chamberlain are bringing back the spirit, and I could really care less than Iha and D’Arcy didn’t follow through. Those who knew the history of the Pumpkins knew that Billy and Jimmy made the band, and Billy was, for the lack of better words, a control freak.

I’m not going to expect the greatest record of the Pumpkins discography with Zeitgeist ’cause Siamese Dream and Mellon Collie are two albums that are difficult to compete against. I do feel that the record will be solid if you don’t consider the opinions of the overly judgmental music elitists who are close-minded in their own sense.

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