the episode, the pillow, and the lyretail

Tonight airs the final episode of The Sopranos. Once Kent gets out of Home Depot, we will meet up at his parents’ house for the showing at 11pm. The ones who watch the airing at 8 will know what’s gonna happen, but none of them will be able to spoil it for me for the three hours between runs.

Mare decided to make a HUGE body pillow from materials she bought at Joann. The Paisley pattern she used is one of my personal favorites, and the color scheme looks great. The pillow is much bigger than an average body pillow, but it’s soft and comfy. It still needs some breaking in, and when that finally happens, it’ll be extra comfy.

One of the Dalmatian Lyretail Mollies, the smaller of the two, has some sort of eye infection. It’s not what’s called ‘popeye,’ because it’s in both eyes. I think it might be a bacterial infection and might have to pick up something at PETCO to help it out. If it’s not an infection, then most likely the bigger Molly has really been stressing it out or it bumped into something in the tank really hard while being chased while it was dark.

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