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Today was my first day off of work in six days, eight shifts, and forty hours. Some of those hours could have been prevented had a certain coworker of mine had not ended up in a certain correctional facility. It was relieving not to be filling drinks, making salads, and slicing pies all day long. I took time to enjoy the new Strung Out album, Blackhawks Over Los Angeles. I also spent some time indulging in televised civil court shows. I heard today that Judge Judy is listed as #59 on the Forbes Top 100 Daytime Celebrities list. She personally grosses 30 million dollars a year from her show.

Last week I earned a free movie ticket to Regal Cinemas by helping my boss carry boxes to the dumpster during the middle of a lightning storm. I look forward to using it in the upcoming weeks either on the animated comedy about penguins, Surf’s Up, or on the new Cusack film, 1408. The movie is based on a novel by Stephen King, and despite my unrequited love for John, should scare a brick’s worth out of me.


Back when I was young and time was not money, but just time instead, I spent a significant portion of my time watching interior design shows. One of the central themes throughout each presentation was the importance of ambient lighting and the effect it had on not only homeowners, but people attempting to sell their home as well. The types of lighting featured in the home always had a strong impact on speculative buyers.

If you currently own property and are attempting to upgrade your home, or increase it’s selling potential, changing the lighting is one of the most cost effective ways to do so. george kovacs lighting provides many options with designs focused on modernism and simplicity. If your house is of a more traditional or Spanish style, perhaps fine art lamps would be a better fit to your home. Ornate details and rustic colors could compliment your home and increase its appeal to you or to potential buyers.

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