the miles

Recently, my family moved back to North Carolina, a place where my younger siblings and I consider “home.” Despite the fact they only moved away two weeks ago, I miss them like crazy. Someone has been calling someone else almost every single day. My mom hasn’t figured out yet that if she calls in the evening, I am most likely going to be working slinging pies.

The athletic successes of the San Antonio Spurs seem to be affecting our business, despite the recent addition of a new flat screen television to the back part of the restaurant. However, people ask to sit near it when less important sporting events are on TV (such as Astros games). I think the glow of Sportcenter brings them comfort and and distracts them from the monotony of their own lives.


One day, when I get a job working in a nice cozy cubicle, I will start stashing away money for a deluxe European Vacation. I’ll plan to travel to Rome, Tuscany, Florence, Sicily, Venice, and of course the Chianti region in Italy. Maybe I’ll throw Amsterdam in there to see the canals that run through the city.

The best way to secure travel plans is through a booking service. It’s convenient to be able to establish the entire trip in one sit-down, rather than having to call five different telephone numbers only to have to sort you way through different call trees including one that’s spoken in Lebanese. It’s also nice to have a complete hotel guide that provides you with many pictures and reviews as opposed to guessing incorrectly and finding roaches bigger than wooden clogs underneath your sheets.

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