the day ahead

Do you ever get that feeling of being a day head once you complete a couple more tasks on your to-do list? The early turd gets the squirm.

I know today is technically Thursday, but it feels like it should be Friday. My upgrade is in transit and has already entered the scorching hot state of Texas. Yes, it is almost time.

Assembling and reassembling my new machine will take some time which I’ll dedicate mostly on Saturday. This will be my first 64-bit computer, and I am looking forward to it.

Tonight was a movie night, and we watched the Criterion Collection version of Brazil. I really enjoy futuristic movies, and this Terry Gilliam film was an excellent example. The gadgets, sets and ideas made the movie a great watch.

Two more days of waking up with a few hours to spend outside an office building before spending eight hours in an office building followed by late night hours of unwinding are left before the weekend brings me joy.

I’m upgrading a machine. I’m going to a combination birthday party. I’m cleaning the apartment as I usually do. I’m going to relax and take it easy.


Once your child grows up and is ready to leave the crib and have his own bed, you will have to go on a search to find him the perfect kids bedding. The sheets and pillow cases should match his personality and reflect his interests. He will enjoy going to bed on time to wake up to a beautiful day in the morning.

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