the ergonomic & the new minimum

It’s time for my own personal product plug: computer wrist rests with beads in them. The inventor has a great ploy going on. The wrist rests stay nice and cool which is a nice feature. It’s also kind of heavy and ideal for a secret weapon during a pillow fight.

I read that Congress passed a minimum wage bill back in May and come July 24, 2007, minimum wage will increase $0.70 per hour. Federal minimum wage is supposed to increase to $7.25 per hour by 2009. Texas is one of the few states left that currently has not created a state minimum wage that is higher than the federal minimum wage which is sad. Just makes me wonder where all the money is going.


Buying a house is the most important investment of a person’s entire life. It is the most money you will ever spend on anything and purchasing a house means committing yourself to a mortgage that can be thirty years long. If your home is well maintained and kept up-to-date, it can be a very profitable investment. However, remodeling can be very costly. Using a home improvement loan would be a good way to pay back that expense. Because interest rates fluctuate, remortgages on your home can provide you with a more favorable long term interest rate. This will save you money over a period of time.

Taking out loans and repaying them on time is an excellent way to build your credit. Personal loans can be very useful to building strong credit if you know how to manage your finances well. Secured loans are a reasonable option for the borrower than can manage their finances. They often have lower interest rates or a wider variety of payment options since the borrower has to put up collateral that can be used to recompense the lender in the even that the borrower defaults.

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