the release date

Yesterday, June 12, was the release date of albums from two different bands that I enjoy listening to. The most important one was released by a pop-punk group called Strung Out. The album, titled Black Hawks Over Los Angeles, is good but significantly more political than their previous release. Some of the themes prevalent in the songs reminded me of Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues, which is Strung Out’s first full length album (circa 1996).

The second one is by a group called Paramore. Their second album, RIOT!, has much better vocals and musicianship than the first. I have caught a great deal of slack from friends because of my fandom. Yeah, so what if they are riding on the “Emo is my Thing-o” wave? As far as all the bologna bands that have come out with LPs in the last couple years, Paramore would be at the top of my list.


Sometimes I find myself continually surrounded by the same people. The same people in all my majors classes at school, the same co-workers, and an unchanging circle of friends. I often find I have difficulty meeting people that have similar interest to me.

Dating seems to particularly difficult. The internet opens the door to meet tons of great people in the same boat as me. Online dating services allow you access to communities and people to form friendships or romantic relationships with.

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