the patiently waiting

My computer parts should be coming in today. If the package doesn’t arrive before I have to be at work, then I’ll have to pick it up on Saturday.

Today is Friday which means the weekend is less than 24 hours away. Timesheets will be submitted which means payday the following Friday.

The president of the company sent out an electronic memo to all employees that key clients would be touring the facility and that we need to dress to impress. Working in the department that consists of the bottom-feeders of the company, I’d like to see how many of us actually follow through.

I look it as, “Wear something that isn’t going to embarrass the company like t-shirt and jeans when everyone’s in button-down collared shirts and khakis.”

Mare & I had the pleasure of viewing Man of the Year, the film with Robin Williams playing a Jon Stewart-like character that runs for president and wins. Mare says it falls under the category of ‘dramedy.’ The movie has one of those storylines with a political scandal going on that the computerized voting system is faulty and the person who knows about it is in danger.

I’ll be getting back to my late night project for tonite now. Peace out.


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