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My upgrade arrived this past Friday, and I installed the parts over the weekend. I learned that newer motherboards require a 24-pin power connector, so I had to purchase a 20-pin to 24-pin converter to use my existing power supply. Apart from that, the new build went very smooth.

I was shooting for an overclock to 3GHz, but I could only get a stable setting at 2.755GHz. That’s an increase of ~45%, and I can’t complain about that. But knowing that others have easily hit 3+ with the Brisbane makes me really want to obtain those results.


Many people have a jar or container of some sort that they use to deposit their loose change in when they empty their pockets. When it comes time to take the coins to the bank or have them changed elsewhere, it usually takes a very long time to separate the individual denominations. A coin sorter solves this dilemma and makes counting the change much easier.

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