the chores

I have a full plate this weekend.

I have to get the new operating system installed. Once I do that, I’ll be looking at getting all the software I need for multiple-format media-editing. I am aware of a free piece of software compatible with Linux called Wine. This program gives the ability to run Windows programs in a Unix-type environment. Debian is based on Linux, and Linux is based on Unix. Wine is free, so I won’t be spending a dime to use the programs I already have (except on the electricity to power the machine).

The kitchen and the area by the front door have been neglected of a much-needed mop. Dishes need washing, tabletops need wiping down, some spots need dusting, and the carpet needs to be vacuumed. I also have to change out the filter on the Hex 5 as well as changing some of the water. The bettas’ bowls also need a water change.

Friday night will be mostly encapsulated with Mare & I’s routine Bustaburger visits followed most likely by a viewing of one of the films we borrow from the Bust. I will spend most of Saturday sleeping in followed by the chores I’ve gone into detail above. I am hoping Sunday will be a lazy day.

When the weekend’s over, it’s back to everyone’s favorite 40-hour routine: Go to bed ultra-late, wake up just in time to prepare for the 8-hour shift, go to work, go home, repeat.

The paycheck will be dropping in very soon via Direct Deposit and much of it will be spent to keep this roof over my head. Not a bad trade I say.


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