the etch

The weekend is near, and I will utilize most of the time to spend with my new upgrade. I haven’t messed with it all week since late Sunday/early Monday.

Debian 4.0 (code name etch) finally finished downloading some time on Tuesday, and I am looking forward to burning the 3 DVDs that contains this wonderful operating system. A couple years back, I played around with a modified version of Knoppix called Overclockix and really liked everything about it except the fact that it ran entirely off a CD which really slowed down the access time.

This is my announcement to the world that Windows XP Professional Build 2600 with Service Pack 1 will be the final Microsoft operating system I will use on any of my current and future systems. I do not entirely like Windows Vista, and that new version will not satisfy me nearly as much as Debian will.

I am very into the fact that Debian is free and will always be free. I enjoy that fact that Debian is built by volunteer developers and not overpaid corporate slaves. I think Microsoft has already banked enough bucks (not from me), and Vista is merely a greedy effort at taking more than they deserve.


Frequencies are constantly running through the air. In an electronic environment, some of these waves can be hazardous to each other. Valuable machines need adequate EMI Shielding to ensure they aren’t affected by these outside frequencies. A heavy-duty machine can malfunction if it isn’t shielded right which can cause a catastrophe. Productivity can be hindered from inadequate protection.

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