the wolf has been terminated

The postmark was made on the 4th of this month, but I guess TWC didn’t get the letter I sent them when I moved near the beginning of the year. I received this letter about a week ago which had been forward from my previous mailing address. I guess I’ll have to send them another letter reminding them of my address change.

Due to the machine I had my scanning software installed on is currently offline, I’ll type the juicy bit of the letter rather than showing you a scan.


(body of letter begins here)


In accordance with Title II, Chapter 61, Subchapter E, Texas Labor Code, a lien has been sent for recording against all of the assets of the above-captioned employer named in your wage claim.

The lien may not have an immediate effect on the employer and does not necessarily guarantee payment of your wages. However, the lien will remain on file with the country and continue to offer the employer an incentive to settle your claim.

Previous collection efforts have been proven unsuccessful and the filing of the lien is the final step taken in the collection process. However, if at a later date, additional information concerning the collection of your claim is discovered, the Regulation and Enforcement Division may proceed with subsequent collection efforts at that time.

You will receive no further notice concerning the proceedings of your claim unless payment of wages is secured. It is imperative you keep us informed, in writing, of any change of address so that we are able to submit payment to you should the debt be paid.

Please note that Sec. 61.085 of the Labor Code provides that, “A lien securing wages due under this chapter may be assigned to the claimant, at the claimant’s request.”


(end of body)

To translate some of the message, I filed a wage claim with TWC in response to some money owed to me around a year or so ago. Payment was to be made directly to TWC which in turn would be relayed to me. Failure to pay resulted in consequences.

The lien works its wonderful magic by freezing the man’s bank account(s) and possibly seizing some of his property such as his house and car. Having all this on file will also prevent him from filing bankruptcy, because in order to follow through completely, certain debts must be taken care of before the case can be closed. One of these debts, in his case, would include paying what he owes to TWC, a government agency.

This man is in more trouble than I ever want to find myself. He’s messed with the wrong guy. I have successfully managed to make this man’s life more miserable than it already is. The cherry on top would be if the government held his kids for ransom. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that they might already be ’cause his wife (ex-?) is/was a total basketcase. I don’t feel sorry for this guy. I have a feeling he might be swimming with the fishes if he hasn’t already left the country.

I may never see my money in this case, but at least I’ll know I rained Hell on someone who did me a great disservice instead of just letting it go. I’ll also know that it’ll be a great example to never to fuck with me when it comes to owing me what I’ve earned.

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