the sentimental attachment

With the new upgrade, I changed out the motherboard, the processor, the heatsink/fan for the processor, the memory, the video card and both hard drives. The hard drives will be installed on my other desktop. I’ll also be putting the copper heatsink and video card into that desktop. I think I will auction off the motherboard and the memory if I don’t find a better use for them soon.

I have had the processor since July 2001 when I first moved to the Austin area. This processor took me thru design school and also accomplished many jobs for me. It’s an Athlon Thunderbird 1.4GHz and not very fast by today’s standards, but it can still accomplish most of today’s everyday computer tasks. I’m going hang on to it even though it still has a decent resale value. I have another processor sitting in a closet that can be used on the motherboard.

I’ll probably list the parts this weekend and sell them piece by piece ’cause I know I’ll be able to get more that way. But the Thunderbird… I’m keeping that and no one can offer me enough to give it up.


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