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Last week, I received an offer to receive a photo enlargement on a 16×20 canvas. I’ve decided to use one of my more popular art photos which should turn out really nice. The site that gave me this offer is geared toward sentimental photos, and this photo is a very sentimental one for me.

Canvas On Demand has fair prices for these canvas keepsakes. Their services include a variety of sizes to choose from as well as framing, techniques and retouching. By the examples they have on their site, they can do just about anything you’d like when having a photo enlarged and transferred onto a canvas. I was surprised with how they can do major retouching such as removing an individual from a picture or changing the background by request.

Their prices may seem steep to some, but these are keepsakes, people. You’re not just ordering a poster enlargement where you have to find a frame to keep it from wrinkling. This is not just a dinky piece of paper to hang on a wall with tacks. This is an actual canvas with a picture of your choice displayed proudly that will last for years.

Their methods are very state-of-the-art and fit today’s standards. Nowadays, it’s not about hiring a fine artist, paying him way more than they’re worth and possibly getting a replica of a photograph that might not be satisfactory to your standards. It’s about digital replication and preservation using modern techniques to create a product that not only satisfies the customer but also gives them something that will last for generations.

This company provides two ways of delivering your photograph to them. You can upload the image to them during the ordering process, or you can send them the print. I prefer the first option because of the convenience. The products are shipped via FedEx in a prompt manner and packaged carefully.

The site’s layout is designed very professional and easy to browse. Well-written instructions and information are provided, and the experience of looking through the pages is optimized to bring in the customers. Many examples are provided, so you know what to expect from them. Canvas On Demand provides a solution on how to preserve your photographs along with having the perfect way of displaying them.

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