the pizza experience

On Saturday, Mare & I decided to order pizza. I decided on Papa John’s since they provide a convenient online ordering method.

They also send me a bunch of coupons via email. Some may consider it junk, but I received an enticing one that went something like this: Order a Specialty Pizza and receive a Large One Topping Pizza for 99¢. Awesome!

My guess is that they’re still trying to shaft you ’cause specialty pizzas are pricey but NO! They’re currently promoting their Smokehouse Bacon & Ham specialty pizza which has ham, bacon, green peppers and onions. This is running for $11.99 as opposed to their usual large specialty pie price of $16.49. I was thinking that I could go for that but change the toppings to suit my tastes as well as getting the second pizza at the discounted price.

I went for it. I entered the promotion code, 62207B, and went thru the screens to place my order. Their discounted specialty pizza was on the list, so I selected it with a smile on my face.

I took off the veggies which gave me the option of changing up two of the toppings. I substituted them for half-pepperoni, half-sausage and mushrooms all over. Delicious! This is nothing like their promo pie, but they allow customizing which I take full advantage of. The 99¢ pie was a half-tomato, half-mushroom pizza by Mare’s request.

Price before tax, tip & delivery charge: $12.98. This beats any deal they’re offering right now. After everything, it ended up costing $18, but for two pies under $20 delivered is a great deal in my opinion.

I got a kick out of one of the box labels that displays our order on the box. The name should have been ‘Christopher,’ but I guess the printer could only print so much. The line read “Your pizza experience managed by Christ”. Thanks JC for the tasty pies over the weekend.


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