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This week seemed to have gone fast and slow at the same time. The days have gone by fast as a whole, but each day went by slow.

Today is Friday, my third most favorite day of the week. Later tonite, Mare & I will enjoy our Bustaburger tradition. I tried the BBQ Ranch Chicken Sandwich last week and was not impressed. The Peppercorn Ranch Chicken Sandwich trumps the BBQ Ranch, and the Thick & Hearty trumps them both.

Speaking of temporary menu items, when’s the Bell gonna bring back the Club Chalupa? I really miss it.

My weekend is currently unplanned. I will relax for sure, clean the apartment for sure, get plenty of sleep (as usual) and waste plenty of time on the computer for sure. For sure.

This week has been odd, because I didn’t get a full eight hours of Zzz’s the first few days. Strangely enough, I didn’t wake up tired or felt tired through those days.

My throat has been bothering me all week though. It feels like it’s sore but it’s not and itches a bit, and I have to cough occasionally which has gotten annoying. It seems like a symptom before illness sets in, but I haven’t gotten sick yet. *knocks on wood*

Closing off this ramble before it gets extra boring. Peace out.


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