the robots in disguise

Tonight before we watched Blue Velvet, we pre-ordered our tickets to the Transformers premiere. I’ve been looking forward to this Michael Bay film, because: a) A Bay film means big budget which means explosions and action that lead to a pleasant theater experience. (imho) & b) The nostalgia, of course!

The release date was set for 7-4-7 (fitting), but the Dang-O offered tickets this upcoming Monday at 8pm & 11:15pm. Awesome! So after work on Monday, I will be darting straight to the movie theatre.

The way we have it planned is that K$ and Mare will pick up the tickets, drop mine off to my car, and they’ll return to the theatre to wait in line to score back row seats. Then, I get out of work, get to the movies, and have a seat waiting for me with two of my closest friends to enjoy a movie I will enjoy regardless…

…which brings me to a point: I really don’t care what the critics or the judgmental pricks are gonna say about this movie. It may come off subpar or it may even rock my socks off. I will enjoy it regardless and watch it more than once and take it for what it is. It’s a Bay film, people. This guy knows how to make a big-budget movie. All I have to say is the people worthy of giving a multi-million-dollar movie bad criticism are those who have made multi-million-dollar movies. And how will they criticize if they do? Not with feeble-minded lines like “It sucked.” or “I hated it.” Let’s be real here, people. Most of you have no cred to be a real critic… you’re only criticizing based on your tastes, not from your personal experiences in film-making.

Peace out.


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