the break

Sig and I broke our usual routine last night to attend PK’s birthday gathering at Trudy’s Northstar. We indulged ourselves in fried Tex-Mex deliciousness, a break from Whataburger. Sig had a Cuban Martini, which is a whole shaker’s worth of Mojito. I consumed a half-gallon of water.

I’ve been assigned to train someone this past week as a cashier at my job. This has made my week inadvertently difficult because whenever I go to work I have to try to complete my tasks as well as explain my actions in a timely fashion. The problem is that she is not the most friendly person to be around and seems to have a problem with all of my co-workers, especially the ones I am closest with.


Ever wanted an easy way to earn Free gifts? There are many websites out there that offer interesting and simple games for uses to play in order to win. One way of doing this is through a site that offers reverse auctions, where the lowest, unique bid will win. Many of these sites even offer the option to play the game on your cell phone through texting or bidding directly from your computer. All you have to do is pick a prize and text a number of what you think the lowest unique bid to a five digit number. It’s kind of like a reverse “price is right.”

Prizes that you can bid on range from a Cash prize to i-Phones. You can also earn points based on how successful you are at the game and redeem them for prizes. They are alway offering a new Sweepstake that provides you an opportunity to win exciting prizes.

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