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the rent’s due and green olives

Tonight, Mare reheated a calzone she brought home from work almost two weeks ago. It still tasted delicious. She also brought home a spinach artichoke dip and some bread which topped me off. I have yet to enjoy an ice cream sandwich I got from the grocery store on Sunday.
I also had a craving for […]

the bones

Lately, Sig and I have gotten in to watching Bones, a Fox series that is essentially a fiction version of Forensic Files. The sets and props are amazing. There are computer interfaces designed for every specialty program that the characters use to solve the crimes. They even have a machine (fictitious of course) that displays […]

the free money

You might have read my previous post about finding the money in the ATM that some dimwit unknowingly left. My luck hit me again this past Thursday, not nearly as much of a score from the previous but worth mentioning.
I was taking an evening stroll on my break at work on Thursday. I was walking […]

the night cap

the seventh installment

I don’t consider this blog a spoiler because if you were interested in reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows , then you should have finished it by now.
On this past Monday after two years of waiting, I went out and purchased my copy of the seventh installment of the Harry Potter series. I wasted […]

the two to choose from

Thursday has already arrived. I have plenty of tasks on my plate, and time just seems to tick fast when I want it to tick slow and vice versa.
My uncle wants to buy his son a notebook computer for a graduation present, and I’ve been elected to select the right one based on his son’s […]

the haircut

I finally woke up early enough to get my hair cut. It’s been months. I just had it trimmed, so nothing too dramatic.
I’m gonna try this new thing which I attempted at last week: waking up a few hours before work. I really enjoy the routine of staying up all night and waking up […]