the black beard algae

The aquarium has an algae problem. A red algae also known as “black beard” algae is growing on the live plants. The infestation isn’t terrible yet, but I plan to treat it this upcoming weekend. At first I thought it was mold but looked into it via the information superhighway.

Depending on the fish activity in the tank, the filter in a Hex 5 has to be changed out every one to two weeks. A good gravel-cleaning and a water change should be done right after a fresh filter is put in, so the circulating grime can be easily trapped in the new filter.

I either have the option of adding a Siamese Algae Eater to the six existing members of the Hex 5 tank or go the chemical treatment route. I’m going with the latter, because the small five-gallon aquarium is already crowded enough.

The sixth addition to the aquarium is a Golden Dojo loach, and we are now owners of a crown tail betta who we have coined “A Betta Named Sue”. I’m sure Mare mentioned the two in a previous post, and once we get some good pictures, they’ll be displayed somewhere around here.

The first of the month also marked changing a couple of my own air treatment filters: the one in the A/C unit and the one in the vacuum cleaner. The blades of the bedroom fan have also been wiped clean. The vacuum works so much better now.

Two days of work then I’m off a day to return for a couple more days then the weekend again with a fresh paycheck in the bank. Bonus!

Peace out.


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