the habit of waking up

On Saturday, I glanced at the clock to find out it was half past two. I jumped out of bed and began to scramble like I would if I was getting ready (but running late) for work.

About a minute of two of my frantic routine, I realized that it might be Saturday. I checked the calendar on my computer and a wave of delight calmed me down.

I really enjoy the weekends, but they can be extremely short some times. Fortunately, July 4th is a paid holiday for me. Bonus!

I’m tilting towards the fact that we might not be able to blow up a guitar this Independence Day. We do have ’til this upcoming weekend I believe. This past weekend did not feel like July 4th weekend nor do I think it was. Correct me if I’m wrong.


Even if you buy a new vehicle fully-loaded, you’ll probably want some auto accessories that the manufacturer won’t include in their “fully-loaded” package. Everyone is entitled to customize their ride however which way they want. An automobile is a representation of one’s inner self and must be accessorized to demonstrate independence. Stock is only the start.

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