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Early last week, I wrote about a company called Canvas On Demand that can turn a sentimental photograph into a canvas keepsake. They allowed me to sample their product by giving me a complimentary canvas of my favorite photo.

Yesterday, the canvas arrived arrived safe and sound. The company’s turnaround is very fast. I placed the order for a 16″ × 20″ Photorealisticâ„¢ canvas with Gallery Wrap last Thursday, and it arrived in a week. Would an overpaid professional painter or photographer be able to produce something of this quality and get it mailed to you in a week? Possibly but no guarantees, right?

Heart Formed By Her Left And My Right

The photo I selected is titled Heart Formed By Her Left And My Right. The composition is very basic but makes a good test on color translation. The reproduction is near flawless, and I am very satisfied with the results.

With the fact that the photograph was enlarged to fit the canvas, a little pixelation can be barely noticed up close but from a very short distance cannot be seen at all. The color is just like that of the picture, and the richness is full.

The conversion is definitely done with modern printing technology. This company is in a very smart business of printing on canvas and stretching the print on a wooden frame to give the impression of a painting. The product is a very high-quality, and the workmanship is very professional.

I recommend anyone who is looking for the perfect keepsake or anniversary gift to look into getting one of these for a loved one. These canvases arrive very prompt and are packaged very well to ensure that the contents do not get damaged.

The cost of one of these might be much for some people. If you realize the product you are purchasing will last for many years and will mean more than what’s it made of, then you’ll realize it’s well worth the investment.

If you decide that you want to get one of these perfect presents for your loved ones or for a holiday present, then you can get a discount on your purchase just for reading this far. The code is “HOOKUP” (minus the quotation marks) and will get you a 10% discount on your order.

I’m not a salesman. I was just given an opportunity to review a product and took up the offer. I can be quite a skeptic, but this product is worth every dime you pay to own one. Imagine taking a photograph you took yourself and turning it into a painting-sized canvas. Not a poster. Not a print on some flimsy paper. The possibilities are endless.

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