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Yesterday marked a year that I’ve been working the job I currently have. The day went by very similar to other days. It really doesn’t feel like I’ve been working this job for that long.

I guess my reward was the paid holiday off on Independence Day which rounded off this week very well. A two-day weekend followed by two days of work followed by a day off followed by two days of work with the second day being payday followed by another two-day weekend. Glorious! It’s already Friday.

As usual, my plans for the weekend aren’t set. I plan on getting the right chemicals to eradicate the algae in my aquarium. I plan on changing the water for ten betta bowls and one five-gallon aquarium. Then, clean my living quarters that consists of dish-washing, vacuuming, garbage removal, tabletop-wiping and mild dusting.

I also plan to get my Debian system running some sort of Windows emulator. To my dismay, Wine hasn’t been updated to support 64-bit Debian systems so I’m SOL with that. I did, however, obtain CodeWeavers CrossOver Professional for Linux which seems like a much better solution for what I’m looking for.

I figured out how to get Samba working correctly in my network which gave me a good feeling. I also got Nero Linux 3, because K3b and GnomeBaker just weren’t satisfying enough for me. My DVD writer works again, and 200GB of disk space has been added to the network.

I also retrieved 1,385 points from [email protected] My last two work units returned an error, but I looked into it and discovered a program that corrected one of the work units to be sent on. The other work unit expired unfortunately, but all is good now that I know what to do if another error occurs. Sacrifices must be made some times in order to learn.

Zeitgeist is an awesome album. Smashing Pumpkins have returned, and I am very content with their new release.

Michael Bay’s Transformers movie was fantastic. I am very willing to see it in the theatre again. This action-packed film is an amazing answer to the robots in the disguise. The CGI is amazing, and the movie was done very well.

This week has been one of the better weeks in a very long time. A year at the job, paid holiday, payday, learning new things computer-related, Zeitgeist, Transformers, the weekend in less than 24 hours and a free canvas that I’m gonna own for years… what a spectacular week I’ve had.


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