the circadian rhythm

I hope everyone had a delightful 7-7-7.

I stayed up all night and into the day. I went by the pet store to pick up some chemicals to treat the algae in the tank around ten in the morning. I went to sleep around noon and woke up around sevenish in the evening. My sleep cycles have been very out of whack lately.

Tomorrow, I’ll catch up on the apartment maintenance and other obligations I wanted to do today. I did manage to take care of the aquarium, take out the trash and get the dishes washed.

I also placed my order for the edition of Zeitgeist that comes with the book. I also ordered Despite Everything, a book I’ve been wanting for some time and finally went for to cash in on Amazon’s Super Saver shipping ’cause I was a few bucks short to get it.

This day has been good. I will be watching Constantine now and hanging out with K$. Peace out.

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