the 13th of friday

This week has been pleasant. Today is Friday, last day of the work week, last day of the pay period. The weekend is a day away.

We watched the new Harry Potter movie at the Tuesday 11:59pm showing. The film was an in-betweener movie, but I do like the fact that these new ones have gotten darker. No Quidditch in this one, folks.

A personal list about my current obsession with the return of Smashing Pumpkins:

  • The new Smashing Pumpkins record was released officially this past Monday.
  • I obtained the bonus tracks, Stellar, Death From Above and Zeitgeist. Stellar and Zeitgeist are great tracks, but Death From Above not so much. Maybe it’ll grow on me but it’s composed of that electronique that Corgan seems to adore (no pun intended). Stellar has an interesting feel to it, kinda Pisces Iscariot-ish. Zeitgeist is Corgan playing an amazing acoustic song which he seems to do very well.
  • I viewed the Tarantula video and their live performance of the said song on Letterman via YouTube. They’re supposed to be on Letterman again tonite.
  • I also found out they’re playing in Dallas in November, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to attend ’cause I have a couple weddings I need to be present at around that time.
  • I’m still waiting for my Deluxe Edition of Zeitgeist that comes with a 78-page full-color booklet. Limited edition always rules.
  • I learned that the word is pronounced ‘zite-geist‘ which rhymes with ‘light Christ‘. I learned this after hearing Letterman pronounced it while introducing the band, hearing Corgan say it on a live bootleg I got of them performing in Germany on their current tour, and then verifying with an OGG file provided by Wikipedia.This whole time I was saying it incorrectly: ‘zeet-geist’ instead of ‘zite-geist’. My mistake.

Could a July Post Explosion be in the works? Stay tuned.

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