the chemical bath

This is the continuation of my previous entry.

The process started with using a magnetic scrubbing tool I purchased from Wally World last night to remove some of the algae from the glass. One side of the magnetic scrub goes in the aquarium while the other side grabs the side in the water against the glass.

After cleaning off some of the algae, I removed two gallons of water from the aquarium with my gravel vacuum. I like this tool because it uses gravity to start the vacuum and uses no electricity or any sort to power.

I removed a couple gallons of water and turned off the filtration system. I removed the filter and placed it in a Ziploc bag. I took my bonsai shears and trimmed one the plants that had a bad infestation of black beard algae. I placed the pieces in the bag.

I cleaned the tube of the filtration system where the water gets drawn in. The guard that keeps fish or other objects from getting pulled in and clogging the tube had some dead algae trapped in it, but the tube was relatively clean. I cleaned the part where the water pours from back into the tank with some cotton swabs.

I put the filter system back into place. I replaced the water with conditioned water. I then applied chemicals which consisted of: a chlorine remover with allantoin, a water clarifier, EasyBalance with NitraBan, an algae destroyer, aquarium salt, and some H2O2.

I let the water circulate without the filter for a while before placing a fresh filter in.

The tank is looking cleaner than it has been in weeks. With my arsenal of aquarium chemicals and cleaning tools, I am again satisfied with my Hex 5, and I’m sure the animals that occupy its space do, too.


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